Below Where? Queen of What?!

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Think about the words, pelvic region. You may have guessed that having periods is part of your pelvic region – and you would be correct – but did you know that using the bathroom or performing well in sports is also about your pelvis? Your whole pelvic region – everything below your belt – is where the big stuff in life happens.
Let’s look at it this way:

You have been peeing or pooping from the moment you were born and using the bathroom by yourself since you were about three years old. Peeing and pooping are about bladder and bowel health, which are part of pelvic health.

If you haven’t gotten your period yet, you are likely just about to start. The purpose of menstruation, dealing with cramps or PMS, and what to do in sports while you have your period, are all part of pelvic health.

Whether ballet or soccer, you know how important it is to be strong and fit. Well, if you don’t know about the special muscles in your pelvis, you will be missing out on a wonderful secret of winning.

If you learn about these things NOW, you will become the Queen of Your Pelvic Region, able to rock and rule your pelvic health through life!

Why would we say, “It’s About Time!” when it comes to pelvic health?” Because there’s a whole lot of pelvic health history behind you, and it looks really bizarre compared to all that we know today. Let’s go back in time way before you were born…

Have you ever wondered how they did it? We mean girls, before you and me – before we ever had the comfort of private indoor bathrooms, pads that stay in place – pads with wings! Or more than one pair of underwear. Or running water from a faucet.

How did they do it?

They had each other – girls helping girls, mothers helping daughters, sisters helping sisters, aunties helping nieces, grandmothers helping granddaughters – you get the picture. Each one of these wise women learned from whoever came before her, and so on and so on. Now, take that chain of girls and women all the way back centuries, even just decades, ago . . .

Rags, reeds, leaves, metal, cotton, wool, and nothing. Which one of these things do you think women used when they had their periods? Can you believe they all have been used through time to keep things “clean” during that time of the month?

Even as recent as the 1970’s women didn’t have the nice, teeny pads and tampons you find at stores now. Can you say belts and snaps? That’s true! You would have worn a special belt to fit inside your underwear. It had snaps in the front and the back to connect a pad to it. Awkward to say the least and about a thousand times better than what came before that.

Throughout time girls have been truly creative in finding ways to manage their periods and other aspects of pelvic health. Without their bravery and persistence, none of us would enjoy (yes, enjoy!) the little luxuries we have today – mini pads for instance!