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Chief Trouble Maker

Missy Lavender

I believe that everyone deserves good pelvic health – and good health starts early. I am a pelvic health activist, evangelist, patient, speaker, and entrepreneur, who a long time ago got my MBA from Kellogg. I’m a runner and a yogi, but most of all, the proud mother of two teens who know the wisdom of knowing and taking care of their bodies. I am thrilled to bring health below the belt to youth of all ages.

Elizabeth Wood

I am an editor, publisher, writer, and content creator. I entered the world of pelvic health in 2013, and it didn’t take long to realize the future is about prevention and inter-generational communication. I see how the state of pelvic healthcare could be once mystery and taboo are removed from below the belt. My amazing daughter inspires me to help make it so, for her own daughter one day.

elizabeth wood below your belt


Chief Vision Officer


Website Wizard

David Kennedy

As the Website Wizard, I manage the Below Your Belt website and digital marketing endeavors. Finding ways to spread awareness and information to help people through digital is my main responsibility. I am a Chicagoan, entrepreneur, soccer fanatic, and a big brother who’s inspired by my sister. I am excited to be a part of something so important to the health of our youth!


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