TKTK Mission

To Know is To Know is the non-profit arm of Below Your Belt.

In a uniquely symbiotic relationship feedback from girls and their grown-ups in various communities in the Chicago area and around the country will inform the development of our digital platform, while the creation of the digital platform will be brought back to our intended audience to educate and obtain additional insightful feedback. We’re committed to the co-creation of materials by girls and their parents, teachers, and healthcare providers.

To Know is to Know Nonprofit

We’ll be paying close attention to the special relationship between mothers and daughters (and grandmothers!) as we look to open communication and foster connection to minimize the costs of pelvic health disorders over time, many of which are preventable with education.


To Know is To Know will also be the driver of other exciting programs offered by Below your Belt, such as a sports-oriented curriculum based on Below Your Belt: How to be Queen of Your Pelvic Region. In the 2011 study generated by To Know is To Know, formerly known as Women’s Health Foundation, girls, especially those involved in sports, were already experiencing bladder leaks.  Surprisingly, periods were also keeping these girls from participation, essentially side-lining them for a few days each month. The Below Your Belt curriculum will introduce anatomy, function, and ways to keep their pelvic region  strong and functioning in a state of wellness.

Below Your Belt Conversations was co-developed by To Know is To Know and HEART Women and Girls with a generous grant from Chicago Foundation for Women and developed in 2015. A website for women and girls from culturally sensitive backgrounds, BYB Conversations addresses the Muslim community and also offers life-preserving sexual assault and safety education.

Board of Directors

The Future

To Know is To Know will be busy in 2017 with presentations to the Robert Crown Center of Chicagoland, an organization offering sex education to 100,000 girls and boys each year. We are thrilled to be able to introduce pelvic health education to their trainers in conjunction with the Howard Brown Health Centers, an organization offering healthcare to underserved groups of individuals including LGBTQ youths.

Stay tuned for more exciting programming news from TKTK!