Young or old, women of all ages experience a lack of control over their bladders. We asked two generations of women, mothers and daughters, about whether or not they have been troubled by leakage, and the results were surprising. We discovered a pattern: many mothers revealed that they had problems with incontinence as children, but didn't talk to anyone about it. Now their daughters are having the same issues, but are often silent when it comes to asking questions or finding a solution.

There’s Something Mothers and Daughters Need to Talk About

Ever leak when you sneeze? What about when you laugh? While conducting research for our new digital platform this summer, we asked girls and moms about issues of incontinence. The response was overwhelming! What can we do better?   Young or old, women of all ages experience a lack of control over their bladders. We […]

Pansexuality: On Being the Bay Leaf

Sometimes I feel like a bay leaf. Why, you ask, do you relate to a herb that may or may not improve the flavor of soup stocks? Because I identify as pansexual. I am attracted to people over their gender; in other words, I am attracted to men, women, and folks otherwise identified. This identity […]

Getting the Job Done: Understanding the HPV Vaccine

Nearly every day, I ask my kids, “What’s my job?” They are trained to reply (these days with rolled eyeballs), “To keep me safe and healthy.” With those two tasks, I can rationalize just about anything I need or want them to do.  But, it’s also honest.  At the core, that is my job.  Those two […]

below your belt app announcement

Introducing the Below Your Belt App!

The BEST way to get our important pelvic health education in front of girls is On. Their. Screens.  We know – without a doubt – that the information from our award-winning book will change lives.  We’re making it happen, and you can help us.  Our campaign was selected by iFundWomen, a new crowdfunding platform for […]

Constipation Consternation!

Has this ever happened to you? You are away at summer camp, or maybe you’re visiting your grandma. The first week goes by, you’re having so much fun, and then you realize – you haven’t pooped! You became (drum roll, please) CONSTIPATED! CONSTIPATION (kon-stuh-PAY-shun): A condition in which a person – or animal – has difficulty in eliminating solid waste, […]

Below Where? Queen of What?!

Think about the words, pelvic region. You may have guessed that having periods is part of your pelvic region – and you would be correct – but did you know that using the bathroom or performing well in sports is also about your pelvis? Your whole pelvic region – everything below your belt – is […]

Should I “Clean Up” after my Period?

You won’t believe the questions I receive about having a clean vagina: “How do I clean all my girl parts?” “Do any of these products actually work to clean my vagina?” “Why do I feel dirty after my period?” I’ll get right to the point because it only takes one quick Google search to hear […]

Dishing the Dirt on Urinary Tract Infections

Let’s start with busting Myth #1 about urinary tract infections (UTI) — it does not mean you’re dirty. It only means that some bacteria has made its way inside your body. Where it doesn’t belong. Where it’s causing all kinds of trouble. Bacteria is kind of like invisible dirt, but it doesn’t count as being […]