Jeff Berg

Jeff Berg is a User Experience Designer and Developer and Smart Cities Consultant. At Arup, he is working to develop software for internal and external groups.

Jeff brings his unique experience with coding and design to his role as a BYB mentor. Jeff has shared his expertise in publication with Wiley WROX and has been interviewed by the New York Times Magazine for his work. This includes applying his talents to developing websites and collateral digital experiences for The Smithsonian, MoMA, The Palace Museum Beijing, The Hermitage Museum, The Egyptian Museum Cairo,, and the Chicago Architecture Foundation. His experience with commercial clients includes work for firms such as Coca Cola, L.L. Bean, McDonald’s, John Deere, Blue Cross Blue Shield and Steelcase. He has spoken at TechWeek Chicago, Big Data Week, The Social and the Spacial: Occupying Place and Space, and many virtual conferences including events hosted by the, University of Kentucky, and Ball State University where he was also a design fellow.